Monday, December 6

Tea vs The Washing...

I absolutely LOOOOVE a cup of tea. I'm quite serious about this.
I am not into your designer tea brands or feel the need to have it imported from India.  I am a simple girl who loves a cup of Lipton.

I will use the cup of tea to procrastinate, gas bag, relax and soothe. It has so many benefits that I think I actually should drink more!

Today I should have begun to fold the mountain of washing piled up from only 2 missed days of not washing but you guessed it.....I had a cup of tea instead. I felt better immediately and the piled up washing didn't annoy me as much anymore.

Tea anyone?

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  1. Congratulations on starting your new blog! It's terribly addictive and oh so much fun!! Enjoy! ps. I love tea too... though I do go through stages of having more of an illicit affair with coffee. I love Lady Grey tea the best, in a little pot. I never dunk teabags, I'm such a snob!!! x


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