Sunday, December 19

Before and After

Everyone likes a makeover. It refreshes, rejuvenates, cleans, improves and just makes us feel a million dollars!!!!


I am a sucker for before and after photos. I'm not sure what it is that fascinates me. I love to read home blogs where a get to see and 'before' and 'after' shot. I found this kitchen renovation from The Happy Home which inspired me. Belinda has done an amazing job at making her home look awesome.


It made me start thinking of my all time favourite before and after makeover. I found it on a blog called A House That A M Built. If a die and go to heaven, I think I would want to live here!! lol ( I know there are no houses in Heaven!!) This is my dream house!! I'll wet your appetite with a few pictures, but be sure to check her site out. If you love houses you will LOOOOOVE this!!!

The pool and entertaining area

ahhh the laundry...
I think I would enjoy doing the washing!!

The ultimate before the after shot!!!

I hope you had a very restful weekend as you prepare for the countdown to Christmas!! Hope to post again soon!!
Love Emma xx

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