Wednesday, December 15

Shops anyone?

Christmas where do you start?

Does this picture make you stress? Just a bit?

I actually took off from home today to pick up a few bits and pieces from the shops only to turn around and drive right back home. Crazy you ask?

No 'CRAZY' is attempting to juggle the shops with two children in this silly season!!

So I decided instead to turn the car around and come home. The children and I played with blocks, ate lunch and as I type they lay asleep. Beautiful day really. It could have turned out different!

So as I drink my tea and read my favourite blogs, I am inspired by an old friend Nicole from Bubby Makes Three. I love how she is encouraging us to think outside the traditional box of Christmas Pressies. During her busy day, she read a sign that said....
"Some of God's greatest gifts are packaged as people..."

I have the most amazing people in my life, who I love dearly. I know that they are presents from heaven sent to me daily. My husband, children, best friend, best friend's children, mum, work colleuges and the little people who I work with each day.

my mum

I encourage you to write a special message in this years Christmas card to the people who insipre you, love you or support you the most. Let them know what they mean to you. Encourage them, it makes everybody smile!!!

Love Emma

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  1. I received a fantastic message in my christmas card this year from the blog lady herself, the always cheery Emma. Xxx ooo


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