Wednesday, December 22

Busy Busy Busy

I am pretty addicted to flicking through blogs and looking at homes other than my own! It is like a small escape for a few minutes. I soon realise that living in these homes with 3 small children, a husband (who isn't that tidy) and crazy family wouldn't really suit our circumstance. I can dream, enjoy and ponder on exactly how much stress it takes to keep such immaculate homes. I found these homes on a blog called Desire To Inspire . She has taken them from a  French interior stylist and journalist Sophie Maillot-Juillet.

I hope you had a fantastic day getting ready for Santa. I had an awesome morning at breakfast with my husband, collecting those mammoth laybys and wrapping the presents, picking up the kids from the Grand parents, fitting in a small swim, wrapping more presents, back to the shops because I forgot one, wrapping presents, dinner for the family ( thank you best friend who delivered it to me!!), sending the boys off to the Mariners game, bathing little Belle and then my precious cuppa alone on my couch!!

Umm who said that I wasn't at work today? You have to be kidding!! I work EVERY DAY!! hahaha

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