Tuesday, December 14

School Christmas Concert

It's Tuesday and I haven't written for a while! I have been busy with the Christmas cooking, shopping, kids, work, hubby with a broken leg and of course fitting in coffee and hanging out with my friends!

Today was such a great day. I managed to duck out from work (thankyou lovely boss) to watch my son in his Christmas concert at school. He has been practising so long and was a little disappointed that it was a work day for me. I suprised him  by sitting in the audience and the smile made it all worth while!! I'm not really sure what he sung about. My guess is Christmas, but all I could think about was how fast the years fly.

It seemed like yesterday he was in my arms. He has such a wonderful personality, caring, funny and thoughtful. I love who he is becoming and thank Jesus everyday for trusting me to care for one of his children.

so cute!!

the funny pose!
thanks for a great
day son!

Have a great day tomorrow.
Love Emma xx

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  1. Oh he's gorgeous! And yes they grow so unbelievably fast don't they? I hope you have a wonderful week xx


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