Tuesday, December 7


Christmas is fast approaching and my list of things to do is getting longer. Thinking of new and exciting presents to give can be overwhelming. I have decided after much deliberation that the parents and parents in law are getting a family framed picture. I know it sounds a little lame but I thought back to when we actually had a 'family' picture taken and was shocked.....i think about 3 years ago!

So i enlisted the help of some very special friends to take a few pictures. They were so sweet to do it for me, i am eternally grateful.

How did the session go you ask? Well lets just say that we aren't the easiest family to snap. When you are trying to take a picture of 5 people at once, someone is bound to be not looking at that crucial time!

I guess a few came out worthy of a frame...

Notice all the best ones are when they aren't looking!! haha

Mummy and Daughter

The family

Thanks for dropping in on my blog. I'm off for a cup of tea with the hubby. Take care,may God bless
LOve Emma 

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