Friday, September 23

one minute make up

I love this idea from Bella Mumma. We are all time poor as mums. So here is a trick or two for you!!!!

Here's the absolute bare minimum make-up - (that takes about a minute to apply) - to give your features maximum impact...
* DOT ON UNDER-EYE CONCEALER - to wake up the whole face.
* SLICK ON A ROSE COLOURED LIPSTICK OR GLOSS – it’s the two-second way to give the illusion you're wearing make-up when you're not.
* CURL LASHES AND BRUSH ON MASCARA – to instantly wake-up the eyes.
* SWEEP BROWS UP AND OUT – great brows always make an impact.
Voila - gorgeous!

thankyou Nikki for inspiring all the busy mums out there!!!!

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