Tuesday, September 20

not quite picture perfect

I'm busy stalking my blogs and all I ever see is perfectly laid out pictures of homes, cooking, craft and children!

I have to reveal that blogs are only just what the blogger wants to show you!

They spend hours tidying up the house to take pictures, take pictures of their latest creations in the kitchen (move over Jamie Oliver!) and spend hours only selecting the most flattering photos of the kids to reveal!!!

I know this because i am guilty of it!!! Sorry guys!!!

So just to prove that I am real, I have a messy kitchen, I don't do my washing, my kids are less than perfect and my meals don't always resemble a gourmet feast on a plate with garnishes...i decided to let you in on my life. A snap shot of a rare day home with the little ones....here goes...

be kind everyone...I feel vunerable!! hahahaha

classic bed unmade and a pile of clean washing
calling me to be folded!!!

cooking in the kitchen complete with broken kitchen
cupboard door and a very unsafe position of my third
born next to the stove!

it's a cook off and I like to deal with dishes
at the end!! hahhaha

I really am a messy cook!!!!

I don't think there is ANY bench space left!!

see what I can cook?
A plate of fruit to keep all the fingers out
of what I'm actually cooking!!!

yep it's spag bol for the next hundred years!!
Did I cook enough?
I believe in freezing meals!! hahahaha

using patty pans for everything and
anything BUT to make cupcakes!!!

just hanging out and getting under my feet....
it's their quest in life!!!!
Did I mention they do a great job?!!!

So my friends that's life at home. I promise to be real more often with my life. I'll include a few shockers for you to giggle at!!
Love Emma xx

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