Saturday, September 3

Happy Fathers Day

I have raved about my mum on this blog during the last few posts so it wouldn't be right not to mention my Dad. I wanted to wish him a fantastic Fahter's day! We are gathering together tomorrow for a yummy lunch with both my parents and in laws. I'm so excited! Not many people can say that having the parents and in laws together in one room will be classed as a great day! I love them all and feel so blessed that my babies can share a special relationship with each and every grand parent!

So Dad..thankyou for being my Dad! I love you stacks and love having you in my life and being able to share my life with you. The kids think you rock and so do I! Thankyou for all the little things you do for me such as looking after sick kids when I have to work! It helps me out soooooo much and I appreciate it!

Take care, look after yourself so you can be here for many more years to come (you know what I'm talking about!) Here are a few pictures of my Dad ...

Harry and Dad have a special relationship...Harry can't get enough of him! I even had to say no to him wanting to sleep over at their house tonight before Fathers day! I said your Dad would be sad in the morning when you weren't here....Harry's reply...."I'll see him later!"

 Jules and Harry with Grand dad
 Yep..Dad trying to watch TV. ..a bit hard with a mass on your back!

Precious Ruby and Dad. She loves him too. Her new thing is licking his face!! hmmmm not sure about that!

So Dad I love you and wanted to share this with you today.... I love this send off of Dads. I'm sure you fit in here somewhere!!!!! Enjoy! Love You xx

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  1. Love you all to bits. Always happy to get time with the grandkids (even if they are sick). Looking forward to Fathers Day too.


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