Sunday, September 25

quick getaway

yes the time has come to escape the world in which I live...the washing, cooking, cleaning and leave it all behind! Well just for a few days!!!!

My wonderful husband and I are going away for the weekend to  the lovely south coast. I;m very excited! It will be a combined effort of grandparents to look after the cheribs whilst we are away! God bless them!! I'm not sure if they are confident to have three children for a whole 3 days!! 

I'm sure they will be ok. I say they can do what they want with them! As long as they are alive and well when we get back! Three nights of nuggets and chips for dinner can't hurt....can it?

It is a well deserved celebration for both Karl and I as we have had a "special" year. Lots of up, downs, curve balls and blessings from the good man upstairs! We can finally smile so it's time to kick up the heels and take some time out for us!

So the blog will be a bit light this week as I prepare for the big weekend. I laugh at how much organisation goes into a three day escape. Sometimes I find myself thinking if it is all worth it?

Then I remind myself how important it is to take time out for each other. With life taking over control some days, it's hard to spend that quality time together. I will remember what a freind said once...

"the best thing you can do for your children is have a great relationship with your spouse. Let them see how much you love each other, let them know how important you are to each other."

So I say...I'm doing it for you kids! It helps with the mothers guilt of being away from them for too long!!! hahahhaa

so before I leave I will post my daily stalks....

ok ok I'll stop with my new favourite blog!! All these awesome pictures come straight from Erins blog called House of Turquoise I can't stop. I rrrreeaaaally want to change my colour scheme at home. I'll have to work on that and convince my husband!!! hahahah
Have a great week!!!!

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