Wednesday, January 26

Darling Harbour

I'm writing around the wrong way but I have not been blogging for a week and have a few photos to catch up on.

After church on Sunday, Mum and I took the kids to Sydney Aquarium for an outing. I had to leave my husband at home as his broken leg hasn't healed (all prayers needed!). It was such a great day!!

I think the kids would of been happy just to play in the water fountains! I did take them to see the Lego displays in the Aquarium. I had promised to take them before the holidays ended. I only realised that they go back on Friday!!! eeekk!! Mental lunch box.

So here are a few pictures of the big day out....

I have to show you his face....



my little (big) helper.
Embracing the Daddy role
when he's not around!

Water fountains are fun!
a little cold maybe?

does that look like me mum?

China Town for dinner. Take note of the table...
I'm glad i'm not the one cleaning up!
Best Chinese ever!!!

thanks Mum for a great day.
Couldn't have done it without you!
Love Your Daughter xx

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