Sunday, January 2


I'm inspired to make a difference this year. Last year it seemed I just scraped through. Many things didn't seem to go my way but this coming year things will change.

I believe that life can have many ups and downs. Fun times, sad times, laughing times, crying times, times to be loud, times to be quiet, a time to be silly and a time to be serious. I feel that 2010 had all of the above.

My challenge this week is to take time out to reflect on 2010 and work out what God wants me to do with 2011. I want to fill His purpose in me for the coming season. I'm excited about the journey and what God holds for me.

Here are some things I've learnt from 2010....

 That family mean more to me than anything and
I'm glad to have them here to share our lives with

enjoy the simple things in life like watermelon

make a funny face and laugh when things don't go right

take time out to be there for your kids...
they love it!!! (look at that face)

cooking at nana's is always fun ..for all involved!

A church is about it's people and not the building.
Learn to love God, not possesions...
it can be all gone in a flash.

always take photographic evidence that your children
really do like each other.

a bath in the sink is ok when you can't
be bothered to fill the bath

a daughter and daddy's love is special

a girl can never have too many bags or necklaces
Don't bother to try and create a picture where everybody smiles at the same time. They don't exist in a family of 5!



  1. Love the post Miss Em! And the dress on Miss R is adorable, where did you get it? The one with the sunnies and handbags. Happy New Year to you xxxx

  2. hey there Shannon. Would you believe me if i said Target? No designer gear for this one. It was this summer but i'm not sure if it is still around. Glad you like my blog. I'm enjoying writing it!!! Have a great new year!

  3. Yes I would, just like the fabric. I have been sewing girls clothes and selling them. Like the style of it too. Blogging is addictive! It is a handy refence point for when I scrap too. Stop by my website some time.

  4. I want the royalties for my photos, cash is fine ;)

  5. hahha dean thanks for dropping by!!! I love reading comments so keep them coming!!!
    Love Emma


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