Friday, March 1

Ruby I Love YOu!!

My baby turns 4!!! Where did the time go? All I can say is hold on to each moment and live it well!! I am so glad that I started this blog and during those nostalgic times I find myself flicking through my own blog laughing and smiling at all the wonderful memories!! I love it!! I can't wait to the kids get old enough to read and appreciate it too!! I'm sure there will be a few .."Why did you say that Mum!!!??" or "I can't believe you posted that!!" before the "Thanks Mum, this is really greeat!!!

Until then I will keep posting life's events!!

Here are a few pictures of my baby..

 Love you to the moon and back Sweetheart!!!
 My sad attempt at the request of a "Mermaid" cake!!! Thank goodness for Mermaid Barbie who saved my bacon!!
 Don't forget to bake at 11pm after a party for the friends at preschool!!! The things we do...I can almost see the look on my Mum's face of ....I've been there, done that!!!!  Funny how at 35 I only just start to appreciate all that she did!!!
 Ruby's new game...Stacking cups and banging them to the beat!!! WTF?

Her new nail polish that she got as a pressie!!! Um.. not sure if she will ever stop painting my nails!!! She did this while I watched MKR (for the people who have lived on the moon for the past few weeks that stands for  "My Kitchen Rules" best show ever!!!)

Happy Birthday!!!!

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