Wednesday, May 25

Starting The Day Right

How do you start the day? Are you a morning coffee gal, a brisk walk, cereal or toast? I want to look like this in the morning...

but I find myself relating to this person

I have found that starting the day on a positive note helps with the endless list of chores that must be completed in the day.

I don't have time to sit for long so my ipod has become my new friend. I download music and podcasts to listen to as I go about the day. I keep it in my makeup bag and take it where ever I go thoughout the day.

I wanted to share with you my favourite podcasts. They are all free and are about 20 mins long!!

Joyce Meyer.
This woman is awesome! I love how down to earth she is and she definately has a word or two to say about doing life with Jesus.

Hillsong Sisterhood
HIllsong have a weekly meeting for women are here are some of messages. They are really practical for chicks and their journey with God.

So i'm off to listen to my next podcast while I clean up the dishes from dinner!!
Take care
Love Emma x

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