Tuesday, May 10

What Is Left To Say?

Have you ever had that kind of day when by 9 am you feel like the day should be over?
I work a couple of days a week and every morning of a work day I feel that by the time I get there..the day should be just about over!

Coffee does help in the morning but I really need a copy of this song to play in the background as I dress children, feed, pack bags, make lunch, prepare the nights dinner, wash dishes, hang washing, take the bins out, clean a toilet, make a bed and maybe if i'm lucky catch the morning news on either the TV or the radio. I feel that keeps me connected to the outside world. These days disasters can happen and I have no idea until the nightly news!!!

Yes being a mum is the most exhausting job on the planet. Actually giving birth is the easy part!!!! Then you have to take them home and the real fun begins!

I love every minute of it! Be sure to take time out when you can and laugh at everyday. It makes you feel young!! lol

So to all the mum's have a great week and when you feel the stress level rise, the fun is gone and there seems to be a mountain in your way, ask yourself.....

Is this going to matter in eternity?

 If not ...let it go!!!

Don't let the little things steal your joy.

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  1. Some days lately I'm tired before 8am! And yes, I just have to remember "these toddler tantrums will pass!!"
    Thanks for the reminder to give myself a little break every day. :)


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