Wednesday, March 7

what is beauty?

Today I'm having a rant. I am tired of seeing "beautiful" people in magazines that seem to all be blonde, tall, wavy flowing hair and perfect skin! They grace our magazines every where!!!

How can we begin to teach our lovely little girls that they are beautiful just the way they are, when all they see are images media driven perfection?

I believe we are created in the image of Christ. He made us all individual, amazing and wonderful. He is the creator of the Earth. The same earth that has some of the most beautiful scenery I will ever see with my own eyes. The sun sets, the rolling country hills, the beaches, the cliffs, the snow capped mountains and the magnificent sea. I believe if he can be so creative with the earth, He can be just as creative with us!!!

We all look different but hold an amazing beauty and worth just because He made us. Look at the women below, all beautiful but completely different. It is their smiles that bring out the true beauty.

So when you are feeling like a frump, you don't want to wash your hair or put on your Sunday best....just remember that God made you amazingly and gave you an awesome smile to wear. The best thing is... a smile goes with any outfit or any situation!!!!

Love Emma xxx

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