Saturday, November 10

To My Dear Followers....

To the few that are left, after quite a lengthy absence, I have managed to write a post!!! I hear a faint cheer in the background!! lol

It has been over a month since I last posted. I am always making excuses for myself but the truth is that I just a busy Mum! Don't get me wrong, I loooove to blog! It is my little indulgence as I scan other peoples blogs, dream, rant, post pictures of the family and generally try to keep some sort of record regarding my life!

Time flies so quickly! I sound like i'm in my 6o's but it is so true! I try to squeeze every last minute out of every last day and still find a lengthy "to do" list for the next day! Unfortunately the blog comes low on my priorities! And suffers!!!

So I will attempt to recap on a very busy October and early November....

Here goes......
 a little bit of beach action!!!
 No matter how cold it is, the children love a swim. I think personally they believe ANY sunny day is a beach day!!!
 I sit back and marvel at how beautiful the world is....
 Then I get crafty with the camera...maybe a slight arty sideways shot?
It is a great time because the kids have a good time and rarely argue!! Am I the only one who has kids that seem to argue over EVERYTHING!!!???

Then there was the bout of GASTRO that took the whole family down!!! Gotta love cleaning products and lemonade. We lived on this for about 2 weeks.

back to the beach for a lovely coffee and milkshake. The sun was lovely after indoors for days on end!!!

A quick reminder to be happy, more for myself than others. Love a morning snuggle with my baby and a read of my favourite magazine!!!

All better for soccer presentation. It was Jules' first year and he was so excited to recieve a TROPHY!! Well done my little one!

 off to the nursery to buy pots and plants to finally finish the front garden. I'm a little embarrassed to say it but we built the house 8 years ago!!!!
 I had to take pictures for inspiration
Daddy's helper a Bunnings!He really loved the kids trolleys!!!

my beautiful Agave that I up rooted myself and planted...gotta love an off cut!! lol

hmmm looking a little better...

Back to the beach

Grandparents came home from holidaying in New York. They found the M&M shop most fasinating!!!

I made dinner

 and Almond Bread

a few people came around for dinner

Ruby worked it eating yogurt...

I went a little trips with more than one tend to do this to me!!!!

I am very blessed to have both sets of parents in my life!! So when we get together it is a real 'family' affair. Lunch with the In-Laws and Mum and Dad!!

Mum throws a good spread...

 The woman who I think is Amazeballs!!!

a quick hearing test for Jules..I suddenly thought he wasn't misbehaving, maybe he was deaf!!  LOL  LOL
Turns out he is just misbehaving!!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHA

Cricket season started. Not only for my husband but my precious first born. So that now means 6am starts on a Saturday. Oh that is him packing the car. It is a tight squeeze with 4 cricket kits!!!!! What the????

Hubby's birthday. A little note from Harry

The best part is that we went to a resturant where you could write on the table!!! Kids thought this was COOL!!

Happy Birthday to you and Thank you Rojo Rocket for entertaining my kids!!!

Oh and then there was episode 2 of "Ruby's Adventures".
I have to set the scene. I was on the phone. I heard a cry then it got louder and louder!! I ran to see what the problem was. Half expecting to break up a sibling argument. No Ruby was at it again in the bathroom. This time no toilet involved thankfully.

this is what I opened the door to.....

 What the?? She had climbed on a chair into the SINK!!!???
She got stuck!! why Ruby? I asked. "I wanted a bath!!!!" she replied.
I'm pretty sure last bath was in the actual bath!!!!

Rest after the trauma of bathtime!!!

Kind orientation started for my baby boy!! Growing up so fast! You can see he had some trouble settling in....

Finally back to the beach! I really didn't think I could fit so much in during one month. I look back and can actually begin to see why I'm so tired!!!

The truth is that I loved every minute and wouldn't change a thing!!!

Until next time!!!!

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