Saturday, February 18


We have been having an adventure with this little cherub this week.
I had booked him a dentist appointment for a Thursday morning. I was concerned about a little hole in the back molar.

I was sitting on the verandah the night before having one of those gratitude moments. I was thinking how blessed my children have been with no broken bones or serious accidents. I thought how painful it is to see your child in pain and not be able to stop it. I thought how terrible it is be to loose a baby or a close loved one. I was feeling so grateful that my babies were all happy, healthy and safe.

They were busy riding bikes, playing, greeting the neighbours as they came home from work. All was well in my little patch of the coast.

Until I hear the mighty scream!!!
Yep it snapped me out of my dream like state quick smart. My first reaction was to determine which child was it? Some are known to be drama kings and queens! It continued so I knew it must be a little more serious.

Down came Julian on the driveway...screaming. I couldn't see the blood and he was running so how bad could it be? eh?

My precious one had fell off his bike and fractured his front tooth....VERTICALLY!! OUCH!!!

It was very sore..I just thought..."Well at least we have a dentist appointment tomorrow! Organised mum eh? Pity it was just a coincidence!!

To cut a long story short, my boy had to visit a paediatric dentist and is now booked in for hospital to have the tooth removed!! I'm devo and don't think kids with missing teeth are cute!!!

So I took a picture with my baby to remember the good old days....when he had a tooth!

Wishing you all the best in hospital my sweetness!!!
Mummy loves you!!! xxx

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