Friday, February 3

Australia Day

Well I would have to say that Australia Day 2012 was one of the best days I've had in a long time.
A couple of days before my beautiful children were trying to create a Slip n slide in the back yard. They found that it didn't work, the water didn't flow and it was way too short. The kids were...lets just say...disappointed.

What do you do when your kids are disappointed and want so much for something to work, but they just can't make it happen?

You give them a little help!!

So after a little discussion with my lovely friend Nel, we decided that this Australia Day we would re create the most amazing slip n slide EVER!!!

It started as a small get together with a few turned into the place to be!!!!

30 kids and around 30 adults decendended on the humble home that I share with my family and we turned our neighbourhood into one HUGE party!!!

The event even had it's own page on Facebook!!! ( I would kill my kids if they made a page to invite all their friends to my house but I thought I'd give it a try before they turned 18 and could follow mums example!!!)

So the trophy was prepared, called "The Awesome Cup of Glory" to be presented to the most amazing slider. It rested safely on my side table until the presentation!!!

So once all our friends arrived we ate a fantastic BBQ cooked by my lovely hubby, we then went out into the yard to commence the proceedings with the Australian National Anthem. We stood tall and sung loudly!!!

Let the Games Begin!!!!

Ruby with her hat she chose from Hot Dollar!!

The slide

Eager participants

Even the little ones loved it!

My beautiful family and friends

and the "Awesome Cup of Glory" goes to....

Thanks to all my freinds and family for making it the best day ever!!!!

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