Saturday, July 27

A Girly Party

I can't begin to tell you how happy I was to be blessed with a baby girl as my third child. After two boys I was beginning to believe that "mummy daughter time" would be something that I would never experience.

My baby came into the world and I was so excited that my mind ran away with all the possibilites that nurturing a little girl would bring, shopping, chatting, clothes, makeup, coffees, sharing, pink, frills, flowers, sweet smells and laughter.

I was waiting for such a time as this...

 Sharing in absolutely beautiful parties like this one....

Watching her grow in friendships

 and becoming a role model for younger ones...

 eating sweets with friends...

 Watching her have fun!!!

I just love a girly party!!
Thanks Demi for sharing your birthday with us!!!

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