Friday, July 27

The Art Barn

So the school holidays came and went. I was so sick with the flu that I wanted to die! Seriously I would have coped better with child birth again!!!

My poor cherubs helped themselves to breakfast, watched too much TV, played ipods and had the occassional rant at each other. I felt so guilty that I wasn't the 'fun' stay at home mum on holidays that I had to make it up to them. Mother's guilt makes us do so many things ALL for the wrong reasons!!!

I deceided to try a little local art centre that is totally decked out for kids. Check out the paint shirts!!! They even supply them!!!

Each child, plus an extra (my niece), were able to choose their item to paint! That takes a good 20 mins!!! Then they go to town!!! Paints suppied, paint brushes, the works!! I sat their watching with a box of tissues under my photos of me thankyou!!!!

Can you see the "Dora the Explorer" under all that purple paint?

Eldest went for the "dolphin"

 Sarah had to paint her puppy.

a selection of paints

"Batman" is complete. Now for the glossy spray.

our final creations!!

I totally recommend this place for keeping the gang happy. Brownie point for mum!! I'm a winner!!!

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