Wednesday, April 18

i'm still eating Cinnamon pancakes..a week later!!!

I have been so busy eating cinnamon pancakes that I have forgotten to blog!!!

Ok so it is a grey day!!! We might as well dress like the weather!!! Here is another outfit that I love from one of my Pinterest followers....

Pinned Image

I really don't have muct to write about today. I have managed to stay at home all day and watch the rain trickle down the windows. It reminds me of all the jobs I need to finish....once the rain stops!!!! Like clean the gutters!!! lol

I guess I can post about my last few days and include some of my instagram collages. I actually love creating these. I have been banned from taking my Iphone to bed!!! hahahhaah I really need to stop playing Drawsome, Scrabble, Instagram, Facebook and stalking blogs!!!

too cute eh?

Late night cookie baking session with the family!!!
A run in the park through tthe sprinkler

Fish and chips on a Sunday at Terrigal Haven

My Harry found his favourite Easter egg in the shops!! It was actually real and weighs 3.8 kg and costs $185

A craft session with the neighbours on the kitchen bench

My favourite Instagram post for the week!!

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