Tuesday, April 3

why do you work?

The great Steve Jobs said it pretty well here....

It is really important to do what you love. Do what you are good at and using the gifts God gave you. This is the key to being truely satisfied with your work life!

I often think how blessed I am to be doing just that! I love the work that I do with children, I love the area that I serve in at church and I love new blossoming new career in radio. I am also blessed to be able to stay at home with three amazing kids and watch them grow.

Don't get me wrong...some days I really don't feel so blessed as my eldest rolls his eyes at me, the middle one totally ignores my constant requests and my youngest screams for the sake of it!!

It is during those times that I really try and reflect on my choices, why I did it and how lucky I am to have such an awesome life. It is hard to see the postivies (especially at that time!) but I encourage you to.

Work is something that fills your day. Many people do so many different types of work. Paid work, volunteer work, unpaid work, full time, part time, casual. Some are lucky enough not even to work!!!

Make sure that you are filling your days with something that you believe in! Love it, embrace it, do it well and be glad!!!

Enjoy work tomorrow!!!!

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