Wednesday, June 13


I was thinking about this quote while I stalk all these beautiful blogs!

I must remember that bloggers only put their most beautiful foot forward and have the ability to create a make believe world full of pretty pictures, happy family snaps and gorgeous homes.

It is true, I know it because I am guilty of it!

I only put the pretty pictures up and the ones that make me feel like escaping to. I create a blog that looks amazing to the outside world!

The fact is my life is far from that at times and I bet that most bloggers would agree. (if we are honest!)

I yell at the kids and have washing piled up on beds in baskets! I give my kids lunch orders when I can't be bothered in the morning, I have a dirty toilet ( I have boys..they are messy) and I sit on my bottom and night and struggle with the guilt of not getting up and doing something constructive!

In all the time spent blogging and looking at other bloggers pages, remember to be thankful for the things you have and don't spend your time wishing for something else!!!

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