Monday, May 13

declutter your life


I was flicking through my favourite blogs and saw this reader friendly guide to simplifying your life by Bella Mumma. I immediately recognised a few things that I must try !!! How did you go?

1. Turn off your mobile. 

2. Try to process emails only twice a day. 

3. Go to bed early. 

4. Get rid of {or at least reduce} commitments that you do out of obligation. 

5. Create a weekly meal plan. 

6. Automate your finances. 

7. Purge as much unneeded clutter as possible.

8. Just say no.
9. Tell the truth. 

10. Keep your list of addresses and phone numbers up to date. 

11. Consolidate debt. 

12. Create an organising system that works for you. 

13. Keep a bag for garbage in your car. 

14. Cary a notebook and pen with you where ever you go. 

15. Unsubscribe from emails, newsletters or RSS feeds that don’t provide value anymore. 

16. Apologise immediately when you realise you’ve done wrong. 

17. Enjoy the present moment as much as you can. 

18. Take time to really see the little things in life. 

19. Reduce the amount of TV you watch. 

20. Create morning, daytime, and evening routines. 

21. Ask for help. 

22. Don’t get caught up in other people’s drama. 

23. Let go of the self-imposed need to be perfect. 

24. Focus on a simple, but healthy, eating plan. 

25. Share responsibilities. 

26. Reduce your wardrobe to a few versatile items. 

27. Be positive. 

28. Finish old tasks before taking on new ones. 

29. For every new item that enters your home set two free. 

30. Want what you have not what you don’t. 

31. Revisit what you carry with you in your purse or wallet. 

32. Focus on one thing at a time. 

33. Store new garbage bags at the bottom of your garbage can.
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