Saturday, August 11

Funny Faces

Sometimes it is just fun to grab a camera and begin to take pictures!! Today we did just that!!! We pulled all the faces that we could and then some!

I love looking back on these pictures and laugh. I posted these on Instagram and I got a couple of comments that said something like..."you guys seem to have lots of fun!". The truth is , WE DO!

I want my kids to remember how much fun we had. I want them to remember me playing, laughing, making mess and encouraging them in all things. I don't want them to remember how busy I was and that they never got time with me. I don't want them to remember the 'perfect' house that was so cold no love lived there.

I continue to tell myself that the washing can wait, the dishes aren't important and if the sheets stay on the bed another week, the sky won't fall in!!! Taking time to enjoy you kids is the most important.

They grow quicker than Usian Bolt!!!! We have kids to enjoy, do life with and love like nothing else !!!! I encourage you to make the most of the time you have with your kids and leave the boring stuff!!!! Washing, cleaning, tidying can wait!!! Sow into your kids and reap the rewards as they grow older!!!

My Husband will kill me for posting this one!!!!!

Goodnight my friends!!!

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