Friday, December 9

the silly season

The silly season is definately upon us. The shops are crazy and our minds are continually being reminded to make lists, buy presents, organise parties, social events and relax some where in between!!
It can be super crazy!!!

I am guilty of whinging because I don't have enough money to buy the kind of presents that I would like to, go on the holiday that I reeeallly want to go on or buy that special dress for Christmas day. I found this quote today and it just shifted my perspective. Simple as that. Reading a quote helped me to realise that I could have all the money in the world but if I didn't have a Purpose or a Family to share it with, it would be meaningless.

I feel soooo rich that I could explode!! I have an awesome husband who is a perfect match for me, a friend in Jesus,  kids who light up my day EVERYDAY!, parents on both sides that love and care for me and my family, friends who I can't imaging doing life without and more than enough resource to bless others. What more could a chick want?

I feel that Christmas becomes about getting what you want and forgetting about what you have! I believe the most precious gifts cannot be bought in the store. They are usually what you have right in front of you!!! 

Love Emma xx 

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