Tuesday, December 27

last post for 2011

well it has come to the end of 2011. I have been a little slack with the blogging lately due to the craziness of Christmas! I hope to change that in 2012.

I am excited to begin new chapters of our family life and stretch myself in areas that I never thought of. I want to achieve new things, master old things, love more freely, be more generous, develop more patience, remember to thank God for all that He has done..EveRyDaY!!

I can look back at all the things that didn't go right this year ( there are many) but I'm not that kind of person. I choose to remember all the things that went right! All the laughter, times shared with friends, family, love, swimming, the smell of the sea, chocolate, great work people, Bella champagne, walks on the beach and sand between your toes. The smell of my kids just out of a bath, the smiles, the faces covered with food and of course the smell of freshly cut grass!!

It is a choice to remember the good times and focus on the fun times. It can be hard especially if your year was a shocker! But by choosing to "look on the bright side" you immediately feel a sense of joy, peace, that all is well in the world.

I encourage you to have some time out to remeber to great things of 2011. Here are a few of my memories of the year...

 there is that sand I love so much!

 Ruby at the beach
 kids actually working together
ruby smiling
bedtime fun..what's up with young Harry?
Darling Harbour
Mothers Day 2011
would you believe all those kids are sitting on a
couch watching me have a shower?!!
who could forget ....SUDOCREAM!!
Bread Fun
yep...artificial flavours can do this to you...

a trip to Swan Hill
Harry posing for his profile
Ruby's first experience in a hotel room...
I think she could get used to this!

the day she stepped into the toilet....Why?

In hospital to remove the tonsils

Happy Year New my friends. Thankyou for dropping in and taking the time to read my rants!! Have a safe and happy New Year!!!

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