Monday, January 2

Snails and puppy dog tails..

yes that is what boys are made of! Girls on the other hand are made from sugar and spice all all things nice! Well in the current environment at our house it is the complete opposite!! Ruby Belle is having some fun pushing the boundaries and these two below help me realise that it is a stage and they grow out of it. Not to say they don't have their time to shine some days!

I have been trying to make the house a great place to be these holidays. You know do all the fun things, engage, be involved, plan outings and enjoy good food! I knew it was going to be a Looooong holiday when my eldest tells me at 8am on the first days of school holidays that he was BORED!!!

So that is why the blog has taken a beating over Christmas and new year. I've been tied up else where...being personal assistants to my children who have more of a social life than me!

2012 is going to be a great year...I can feel it in my waters!! lol I time to dream, plan, assess, enjoy, laugh and love. I hope that I can share some of these moments with you! I 'm loving writing this blog and enjoy the feedback from you all.  It's lovely to hear from you that your enjoy reading it.

I actually went to a wedding the other day and the family scrubbed up well!! We took lots of pictures that I'll share next time (it takes too long to up load and I really need to sleep! zzzzzzzzzzz)

until next time!!

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