Thursday, January 5

as we are

Hello! Well i have been busy today! I decided that it would be great to take my kids on the bus! Yes I am a terrible parent that has never exposed my children to such an event! Even Harry gets taken to school everyday so he has had limited experience on the magic bus.

So today I dragged my parents along with me (they get a kick out of stuff  like this!!) and off we went! It was a big trip..NOT into our local town and back. We managed to fit in a play in the park, walk to through the shops, lunch and of course a minor stack!! What is a trip out if someone doesn't come home with scraped knees?

So in my attempt to be true to my word, here are some more personal pictures of my last couple of days. I will be going back to stalking blogs and pinterest tonight! That is after my date with my best friend to Max Brenner!! With out children!! yay!! I love them to death but a coffee and chocolate at Max's trumps a trip on the bus ANYDAY!!!

I've looked over the pictures and decided to post it how it is! No glamour poses in the bunch. I guess it is how we are. I'm guilty of sifting through the pictures to post the most flattering ones and painting a picture of absolute perfection! So today I will post the ones that I would normally leave on the cutting room floor.

We have been battling the dreaded ear infection so this is Ruby's new swimming can see how much she loves it.

yeah... out comes the pose when the camera starts to click..

A stylish bike ride at the beach

brother to follow closely behind. Yes here is one other stack which grazed his whole side of his face. Boys.... need I say anymore?

um not sure if it is my child or a lost puppy...why Jules? Maybe the stack had more of an effect than I first thought?

spinning till I spew..When will they learn?

feeling it now mum..

on the see saw.. He needed mums help (weight) to make it work!! Glad my kilos came to good use!!

Ruby picking up  'bommy knockers'

to put in the bommy knocker sculpture


Then we came home for the afternoon. Harry wanted to play master chef. Really!?? I'm a bit tired kid!
I then remembered how I wanted to 'do' things with them. ok then what did he want to cook? Tomato and Ricotta Tortellini. Yum. He did such a good job, I had to take a picture!

Not sure what he has planned next but I'm excited!! I should introduce him to chocolate. Think of all the possibilities?!!

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  1. Great memories!
    Food looks good Harry. When do you invite me to be a judge? Always available!
    Love Nanna.


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