Tuesday, January 17

Out of Africa

Well today I woke up to have my little new iphone beep at me. A message I wonder or a facebook post? I am a little addicted (as my husband would say) so I immedately opened the phone to see that a friend had posted me a message and picture from Africa.

To begin to understand how awesome this is I must take you back to the start. ...

My beautiful friend from work has a heart for the less fortunate. She volunteers her time in serving God in many different ways. Most of the time with precious little ones. She recently went on a mission trip to Kenya to build schools for a small community. Her heart was so touched that she was determined to go back and finish more of what she had started.

She needed over $4 000 to build school buildings. So she began to fundraise in fun and exciting ways to engage our very own community. We had discos for kids, bike riding days, family fun days all to raise the much needed funds to complete her work.

One idea that she had was to sell 'bricks' to families where she worked for $10. A piece of paper represented one brick sold. It was then given to our little ones to write messages and draw pictures on it.  She told the children that she would take these bricks and give to the children of Kenya. Our children I don't think really understood at the time but seemed eager to participate!

Today I woke to amazing pictures of Brianna doing just that!! Children holding all the special messages that we had written!!A tear welled up in my eye as I began to see with my very own eyes what a change we can make with such a small piece of paper. My children were also able to see their pictures in the hands of needy kids. I almost could see the light flick on as they began to understand what this meant.

Thanks Brianna for all that you do for these kids. It has inspired many to think outside their little box and opened our kids eyes to another world. A world of hope, love, generosity, kindness and compassion.

I'm blessed to have you for my children's teacher..they have learnt alot!!!!

kids that I teach with their familes, helping
Kenyan Kids...LOVE IT!!

Brianna presenting the bricks to the children

I wonder what the story is behind these eyes....

Brianna loves these kids!!!

So I will leave you there..hope you have had a great day like I did!!!!

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