Thursday, May 3

Crazy Dayz.....

My friends I have missed you!!! I have been so busy I don't know where to start!!! First here is a picture of my babies.....

It feels like they have all grown up, it has been so long!!! hahahaha

My motto over the past week!!!

Hubby is back in Hospital with an infection after surgery on his leg...what's new eh?

Kids have been upset and I don't have my wing man for the next 7 days!!! To all the single parents out there...How do you do it?!!! I am blessed to have amazing friends and family but my goodness....I'M TIRED!!!

a quick coffee with my sweetheart!!!

loving cards with my friends...before the hospital took my man....

the photo we look at and say...Remember the good old days when Dad could walk!!??

I will have a few lonely night ahead so I'm guessing I will fit in a post or two. Hope you have been having better luck than my family!!!!
Love Emmax

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