Friday, May 11

What I want for Mother's Day

From the archives!!!

I was doing my traditional nightly blog stalk when I stumbled across this post by Fat Mum Slim

What do we really want for Mother's Day? This poster says all the things I was thinking!! 

I love having time as a family on Mother's Day. It gets a little tricky as we grow up and have families of our own! So I decided that it is a Mother's Day Weekend! I do my mum on the Saturday, Hubby does his Mum too and we have a great day together on the Sunday after church! 

A flower for my hair given to me by my Jules. He picked it from outside and gave it to me while I was cooking dinner. Time to stop cooking and embrace the photo shoot!! Memories like this last a lifetime.....the dinner can wait!!
Can you see I'm a little excited!!! hahahahaha

The funny thing about Mother's Day is that as the childrn get older they are able to express themselves  about why they love you!! My last card from my Harry said.."you are a great encourager!!!' It made me laugh..what a word to use!!! Harry has stashed his mother's day present from the Mother's Day stall at school somewhere and is itching to give it to me!! He even asked if he could give it to me tonight! Knowing my husband I better leave it to Sunday as it may be all I get!!!

I joked on radio today about how much a love the material things that I get on Mother's Day but the truth is I'm just feel happy and blessed that I have three people who call me Mum each and everyday! They make me laugh, cry, smile, shake my head and shrug my shoulders!! The emotions and gratefulness that I feel towards them can never amount to ANY present brought from the shops!!!

I hope your day is filled with a kiss, a hug and a little prayer of thanks to the big man upstairs!!!
Have a great weekend!!

Happy Mothers Day Mum!!!

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