Monday, May 7

where does time go?

Let's put it out there....this was not me today!!!

I felt a bit more like this...juggling..!

It looked a bit like this!!!!

and ended like this!!!!

Today a sat down to 'try' and begin the task of my husbands book work! What a job with little children? How do women stay at home and work out of there homes?!!

I was distracted by the children to no end..." can I have a drink?" " My movie finished!" " I'm hungry" and the occasional bust up of the sibling fighting! I was exhusted before I even opened Myob!

Hats off to all the Mummies that try to make a living at home! You are amazing! I have no idea how you do it day in and out!

I am however not a work at home chick. I stumbled across a few terrible habits that emerged as I began to type away on the computer. My posture is terrible at the computer. I didn't realise this because a quick blog post is nothing to a full day at the computer desk! I am sore!!!

I also found that I consumed far too many cups of coffee and tea! shocking!
I have to admit that the TV became my babysitter and i think I yelled a few more times than usual.

So all up it was a terrible attempt to juggle work and kids. All I can say is that preschool is a great place for parents that need to get stuff done. Not only do the kids get a rich and fulfilled day of social interactions and educational development.....Mummies get their work done!! When Mummy is happy, the house is happy!!

So off to preschool the kids go tomorrow...Pity my work won't get done though.

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