Thursday, September 13

Fifty Shades of Grey

Ok so what is up with this book ladies?

I have a blog to express my opinions and chat to cyber world about my thoughts and feelings so today you get my thoughts and feelings about this new phenomenon.

It started over a conversation I had with my friend. Please understand that we have not (or ever intend to) read the book. We just couldn't understand why or how it has become socially acceptable to read such graphic sexual content in public places!! I'm a little gob smacked!

It would be no more acceptable for my husband to sit his 'bot bot' down on the train and pull out the latest porn mag and begin to read! So why is it ok for girls, ladies to sit on the train and read a book which contains such stuff? 

Now I know a porn mag is very graphic but from what I hear Fifty Shades of Grey is also very explicit and full of detail. Boys love pictures and are stimulated by visual pictures and a woman is turned on by emotions, thoughts, feeling and engaging in conversation. I see it as a porn mag for a woman!  

My friend also had a concern that I hadn't even thought about. This book is available in our family friendly Big W for all to see. No wrapped, sealed section, no restrictions and at a very reasonable price of $10!! She has young girls about to enter teenage years and this concerns her!It even takes pride place at the end of an isle!!! 

How 'low' can we go as a society? This kind of thing was full of shame and happened in the privacy of your own home - reading dirty mags, watching inappropriate things on TV. In a blink of an eye, something changed. I'm not sure what but it is now quite acceptable for books with highly sexual content to be read in public, no shame, even chat about it between yourselves. Please Lord may it not be on my child's reading list in year 12!!!! But if it was, I can't say I would be suprised!!!

Now I'm not about to start a picket line and chant that God will strike you down if you read the book. This is my opinion and I do feel strongly about it for myself and my family. I just want to protect the innocence of young girls and the beautiful relationship a husband and wife have. Filling your head with dreams and fantasys of a different kind can only lead to confusion, dissapointment, insecurities and dissatisfaction with your life. 

Ok I will stop but I feel that someone should challenge what seems to be the natural progression of our society.  Is anything wrong anymore? Or do we live by "If it feels good do it"?
What do I want my kids to believe? What kind of relationships do I want them to experience?

These are the questions that I think must be asked and real thought taken into account when we sit back and accept a new 'norm' in society. One thing I know for sure...Fifty Shades wont be in my family libary! Instead I fill my mind with all things 'good'!! Postive role models for my kids - truth, grace, mercy, forgiveness and Love. True love that lasts a lifetime!!!!

I will remove myself from the soap box now!!

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