Tuesday, September 4

Where have I been!!!!

I have been MIA for so long now! I wish I could say it has been becasue of an amazing holiday or something else life changing but no....just plain busy with life and a family!!! I have uploaded a few pictures of the past month so I'll try and fill you in.....here goes.....

VERY early mornings at football and soccer. It is sooo cold we have to wear layers upon layers! On the upside it will be the closest I get to the snow this year!!! lol

I had to stop on the way to take a picture of some on the most amazing, beautiful days that we have been enjoying!! oh and I made proffiteroles!! I think that's how you spell it!!!

Ruby go to cuddle a friends new baby and I had a 'fleating' moment of "I wish I had another one!!" hahahha then I snapped out of it!!!

Football and hot chocolate with my boy!!! Yep still REALLY cold!!!

A trip back  to the Art Barn with my Mother in Law!! We soo loved it!!! I think more than the kids!!

More cold nights at Football

All this makes a little girls tired!!!! lol

Hoping to keep up with the posts this month!!!

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