Monday, September 17

Laughing all the Way to Happiness

I love the sound of that! Laughing is a great tool to develop great relationships! I had the chance to interview a fantastic speaker who teaches us all about laughing to better relationships.  

I really believe it is a fantastic way to stop anger in it's tracks. How can you stay angry when you are laughing? Virtuallly impossible!!! Mark Gungor shares his thoughts on marriage and making it work!! He has a fantastic radio program in the States that allows people to ring in and share their trials and intimate questions.

What I love is that he doesn't suger coat it! He tells it how it is!! We need more of that. Honesty with an intention to heal broken relationships! Love it!!!

So tune in if you are around on Friday 4pm Eastern Australian time to 94.9 Rhema FM and have a giggle! It may just help you see the brighter side of life!!!!

CLick on this link to get podcasts on your Iphone!!!!

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