Thursday, February 24

Hubby in Hospital

Sorry for not writing for so long. I've had a few things on my plate. Today my husband went off to have surgery on his leg. All went well but it was a long day!

So whilst the kids are in bed, lunches are made and hubby in hospital, I return to what I love best...blogging!

I am roaming through the pages and finding some things that make we smile. Here are a few things...

knowing that Jesus has my world in His hands

knowing that whatever happens..the sun will rise and
a new day is around the corner

my children are a blessing in which I am forever grateful for

washing always needs to be is a cycle that never stops!

never under estimate the simple things in life...they are often the most fun!
(even though Ruby looks bored! he he he)

remember that someone , big or small, is always watching you.
Children love to mimick. Be careful, you may hear yourself one day.

I really should tell him that the wind could change...

laughter is the best medicine

a cup of tea is one of those simple pleasures that I love!

a girl can always dream of a new kitchen

or a holiday

My Mum is my best friend.
She is someone I want to be when I grow up!

My best frind Nel is amazing! What more can I say?

my family ROCK!!!

Have the most amazing weekend. I'll be looking after my fourth child. See you next week!
May God bless
Love Emma x


  1. Not Good!! Do you guys need anything? Dinners? Keep me posted. Be praying for you all.

  2. thanks my sweet but I think we are all good. I hope to see him walking soon. The doctors are making him walk everyday. Some how I feel like I've been here before!! lol


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