Saturday, February 19

Photos that I promised you..

so as you heard, we went on a trip to Swan Hill, Victoria. It was a Looong trip but here are some pictures of the family as the adventure unfolded...

Toilet break one...

Toilet break Two..

Toilet break three...

It was so nice we decided to have a snack break too!

back in the car...not impressed

nearly there. At least I'm excited lol hahahaha
(mental note..don't give your camera to the 7yr old whilst driving) 

the scenery was lovely at times so my passenger decided to take pictures. I think the conversation went like this...
"I'll try and take pictures of the interesting things I see  mum."
"ok sounds like a plan"
"could you drive a bit slower, my pictures are blurry?"

ahh we made it. Our motel. Gotta love the name....Swan Hill Resort! lol I kept looking for the day spa but they didn't seem to have one!

the pool and play areas ( my life savers during the week)

Kiddie pool!!

room you have an X Box?

It was a hard day for little people..

brother sister love

one asleep check...

two asleep check...

three asleep check..

It had been a big day.
Here are some more randoms...

we went to the cemetery to say goodbye to old Harry.

can you see my princess stamping on the dirt? Children don't seem to understand the protocol in cemeteries nor the idea of respecting the dead. Daddy grabbing her as fast as possible..but I had to smile.

my smile faded as she began to take flowers from the graves...Time to go Ruby. Into the car family before we are kicked out!

So that is Swan Hill a nut shell. I could bore you with more but these were some of the funny ones.
Love Emma xx

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