Friday, February 25

Toilet Training.."Is this how you do it Mum?"

Toilet training came early in my house today. Miss Belle decided to do it her way and became a little ...shall we say....Stuck!

 I feel like a bad mum because I actually left her there whilst I scrambled for the camera! Shocking I know.

Crazy kids make me laugh. Do you have a funny picture that just makes you smile EVERY time? Here is a snap shot of my laughs this week...

Jules discovered "crazy eyes". I think his brother helped to invent this one.

up to mischief always together!

my baby

Nothing like stealing a kiss with one child watching and the other taking a picture. Privacy? What's that!!!

Love Emma x

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  1. Love it! I know my mum found my standing on top of the toilet yelling from the top of my lungs "Im a Boy!!!!!" as I had worked out how to pee standing up, just like my older brothers too! The harsh reality that I was indeed a girl took some time to grasp when I was 2...perhaps Miss Belle and I need to have a little chat too :)


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