Thursday, February 10

Valentine's Day is Coming...

What do you think of when asked about Valentine's day?
I actually believe it should be every week and not built up to be one HUGE day where feelings are hurt because hubby didn't but those over priced bunch of flowers!

But I guess it is a special moment where we can remember and be thankful for our awesome partners.
I love to make a deal about anything and everything. My goodness...we had a special first day of school party, new teacher party, I hit my first 6 in cricket party!! So I guess I can have a special valentines party! It doesn't have to be big and you don't have to  spend your last pay check on a gift. Just let that special someone know that you love them!!!! 

My best friend Nel does too.
I remember reciting lines of the movie to each other!! (sad really)

another risky movie in it's time. awwww I didn't realise grey hair was so attractive!!
But your gotta love a movie about a fairy tale!!

Great love story.. and a good moral to it too!!

I was flicking through the blogs and came to my most daggy blog...wait for it....
Martha Stewart. Ok so she has been in jail.. I personally think it gave her plenty of time to think of some lovely decorating ideas. So the whole thing worked out for her and she is probably more successful now than she has ever been!!! How does that work?

This is an idea I'm stealing!!!

Love this idea but hey....I reckon my hubby couldn't care less for soap with special messages on it and I don't think he would ever make it for me (nor any other husband) so who is making this for who? I'm confused!

What a beautiful way to display an old picture.

If I have time I'll make this...

And if I'm good I may wake up to this.. NOT!!

May you have an awesome Valentine's Day. My husband will probably be in surgery for a broken leg!!! yay!!!

Love Emma xx

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