Thursday, November 3

scary home decor

I'm a busy mum, I love to look at pretty pictures and dream about a beautiful, spacious home.

Today I found some frightening pictures...truely!
With little ones expressing themselves with crayon or lipstick (whatever they can find really) and big boys who love all things dirty.....I was amazed that someone....anyone would create a home purely WHITE!!!!

Sit back and think of all the damage your kids could do to these homes!!!!!!

That canvas is screamimg for a three year olds creative flare!! "Look mum it is already hung for us to paint on!!"

Not sure where the kid is who owns the stick horse...maybe he drew on the white couch, never to be seen again!

I don't see sprinkles, cereal packets, biscuits, juices, toy story cups, dora bowls or a big bottle of coke on that shelf! Are you sure someone / anyone lives here?

"What are we eating for dinner Mum?"
"Candles" I reply

This kid looks like she is on detention not relaxing in her home! Really guys this is taking design to a new level!!!!

So after today's peek at some blogs, I will be back to my favourite ones which oooze style, personality, warmth and family love!!!!

What's your home like?

Love Emma xx

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