Wednesday, November 2

quilting & paddle boarding = one hot Mumma!!

Ok ladies the sewer within is about to rear it's ugly head!! I have just purchased these awesome squares of vintage fabric to make a quilt for Miss Ruby Belle. I'm calling out to my best friend who will definately help me (she isn't aware of that yet!) and probably laugh at me sewing!! She is the best at it and I usually sit back and wish I was as clever!! Well no more!!!

This week is full of firsts. I'm determined not to sit back and think "I wish I could do that" Well I can!!!! The years will pass and I will regret not doing the things I really wanted to try. I'm sure there will be a few mistakes and I won't be great at it but least I tried!

Vintage Fabric Bed Sheets Dreamy Charm (45) 5" Pack Pinks Blues and Stripes

So on the menu is making a quilt (when it arrives from my favourite shopping site etsy!) and paddle boarding! Yep you heard it right. Paddle Boarding! Again my best friend booked me in and basically encouraged me to do it but here goes nothing!!!

I've googled it and come up with this....

hmmm not sure if that will be me and my friend....

ummm she looks lonely..

I think she forgot her board...not sure!!

hey if Jen can do it!!!

I think I'll leave the dog at home!

advance classes

maybe me after a couple of lessons

Wish me luck friends!!!!! Definately lots to blog about when I get back!! lol


  1. LOVE it Em! Good on you for doing things outside of your box! ( you have a fab BFF to help you along too!) Been meaning to do a bit of the outside of the box thing myself, so thanks for the encouragement x

  2. Paddle boarding is soooo much fun! You'll love it!


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