Saturday, November 12

A liitle about me...

Ok so I've relied heavily on 'other peoples blogs' (OPB) for my posts lately. That makes my stories a little less personal than others and probably a little boring!  So tonight I am going to share with you a few points that you may not know about me. I have to be careful here..what do I want the world to know and what do I want to keep to myself? hmm

  1. I love pink. Pink EVERYTHING!!
  2. I love the smell of rain especially after a hot day.
  3. Smells are important to me, so I think losing that sense would be the worst!
  4. Top 5 smells are..... coconut body sprays, eucalyptus spray in a can (awesome invention! I spray anything thats not moving including kids on a couch), my husband's aftershave, newborn babies and fresh clean washing from the line (my attempt to embrace my inner domestic goddess!)
  5. I am so glad I started a blog. I feel relaxed after a rant or a stalk on my favourite blogs
  6. My kids drive me mad sometimes but I wouldn't have it any other way!
  7. I feel blessed to have a fantastic family but understand the value of commitment and hard work!
  8. I need a bigger home. No truely we do!!! It is moving from a 'want' to a 'NEED'!
  9. Soccer causes broken bones..just saying.
  10. I love to serve in my Church and love to be around people who love Jesus like I do.
  11. I have THE BEST NEIGHBOURS a gal could ask for. In fact I have ALWAYS had great neighbours. Making friends next door is a great way to visit people in your trackies (they have seen you at your worst!)
  12. Chocolate is my weakness and Coke comes in a close second!
  13. Kids make me laugh everyday. I love it!
  14. I don't have animals because I just keep my own kids alive! I don't ask for double trouble! I 'm not stupid.
  15. My husband plays cricket and it has taken many years to become 'happy' for him. I am at peace with it now.
  16. I love to cook but don't get enough time to make exceptional dishes
  17. My husband is great because he never complains about my food! Love it!!! Bless him!! I have served sandwiches and party pies before and he didn't even blink! I'm not kidding!!!
  18. I love that my husband love to spend time with the kids
  19. I'm secretly jealous that he calls Ruby 'gorgeous' & 'princess' more than me!!
  20. I've learnt that I should behave like a lady more often to be called a princess!! lol
So there ws my attempt to get a little more personal! Hope you have a fab weekend!!! I just found my dream laundry I will post the pictures later!!!
Love Emma x

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