Tuesday, November 22

Kids Party Ideas

I love looking at new ideas. I especially enjoy it when the pressure is not on to perform in the next week for a child's party. So today I stalked some ideas for a kids party. They look awesome but I probably won't ever use them!! I don't think I'm that committed! I'll stick to party pies and fairy bread...traditional is what I call it!!

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Tiny Teddies and Biscuits!! How cute!!!

paper strip decor
A nice decorating idea

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I ate these as a kid!!!

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I'll have to remember this for Miss Ruby's next birthday!
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I LOVE this cake!! I know a person who can make this just as good!!!
Can't you Nel?

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Um I love it,  but just can't seem to find the perfect tree!

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Harry's favourite!! He told me as he watched me blog over my shoulder!!

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"Can I have this party Mum?" Harry 8 yrs

So there are a few of my faves. Enjoy!!
Love Emma

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